IMG_6155aAfter nearly four months of constant dropped calls, zero bars and zero battery, a broken power button, 3G, and an extremely laggy iOS, I finally switched phone carriers, traded in my iPhone 4, and got my hands on the brand new iPhone 6 64GB – for only $100.

The biggest question of all – was it worth it?


I honestly haven’t been this excited for an Apple product since the iPad. The iPad first generation was the first of its kind, but the second generation is the classic, and is one I don’t plan on upgrading any time soon! (My first one suffered an unfortunate demise.)

How to get the cheapest phone plan for your iPhone 6: do not buy from the Apple website!

Coming from Virgin Mobile, a pay-as-you-go phone company, I paid very little ($40) for my monthly phone plan, which included minutes, and most importantly, unlimited data. (Unfortunately, this company has poor service and prompted my switch.)

**The trade-back deal made the iPhone 6 most worth it for iPhone 4/4S owners. For example, I’m finally enjoying the features of Siri! Apps that load! A clear camera! Since the iPhone 5c/s already has those features, the need to upgrade is nominal. 

IMG_6159aHence, I did a lot of research on phone companies comparing and analyzing cost for a basic 1-2 GB data plan (because I also crunch numbers for fun, hehe). Interestingly, many companies, such as At&T phased out the traditional individual plans, by adding a required “smartphone fee” on top of a base price. T-mobile on the other hand, was following the Virgin model, but included a preliminary $750 for the 64 GB model**. The Sprint and Verizon MORE everything plans were also not great.

After more digging through the individual company sites – I found the Verizon single line plan which is only $60 and includes 2 GB of data, that is not offered on the Apple website! I went to the Verizon store, and specifically requested it, and then turned in my old iPhone 4 (must be at a corporate Verizon store; I made that mistake initially), for an instantaneous $200 off! Methinks, well worth it.

 **Verizon costs less than T-mobile at the end of the 2 year contract, but beyond that, they flip. Thus, I recommend switching to a pay-as-you-go plan, once the contract is over to continue maximizing savings. Verizon phones are also the easiest to “unlock” because of the differing CMDA vs GMS networks. 

New Pure Gear case! Can’t recommend enough – great fit and clear =)

This new phone and plan also marks the transition into officially paying all my own bills: my insane medical school debt, car loan, car insurance, etc… somehow it’s not as fun as I thought it would be. :P

Last of Summer: Urban Outfitters

IMG_6192aAs much as I love the uniqueness that makes Urban Outfitters, one thing I don’t understand is how all their dresses come not only backless – but also with stripes and cuts that require as much effort getting into as finding the perfect bra to go with! picstitch (1)This dress was too cute to give up though, and despite the low cut neckline and plunging back – with some careful pinning – one can make it work. ;)

The shirts are also made of the softest material ever, and are my current favorites on rotation! The prints go perfectly with jeans.

Damage: Only $15!!! Such a steal.

Victoria’s Secret: Sports

  1. IMG_6205aSupermodel Pant, similar here.
  2. Pink tank top, similar here.

Ever since Lululemon popularized gym wear that actually looked good, every store has seemingly come out with their own line. (Think Anthropologie, Gap, etc.) But what better company to design flattering athletic clothes than VS? I have to say I am pleased! I love the tank and the pants; both are extremely stretchy, flattering, and breathable!

Damage: $25 – got a discount by starting a new VS account! And of course, shopping at the NY Times Square storefront helps with the selection.

Reebok: Run IMG_6200a

Gym wear is my biggest weakness… I can always shop for more sports bras/tops/bottoms, if only just to prolong the time between laundry days! Unfortunately, the selection of gym wear in Reading, PA is very (limited) – but I was happy to find this pink baby-doll top that fit my proportions. I’ve tried many that are too long for my torso, or too billowy (much like my problem with blouses), but this one was just right, and conceals the matching sports bra well. I also got a thin, but surprisingly warm down coat to prepare for winter. This year, I won’t look like a snowman with my heavy layers – no sir!

Damage$65 at the VF Outlets, that once upon a time, was the most popular outlet destination in the entire United States.